Ebb Therapeutic

10/2017 – 10/2018

Responsible for mechanical systems for the second generation insomnia therapy device. This began with concepts for a new device with head mounted cooling. Building upon previous research, built two fully functional proof of concept prototypes. Once proven, each subsystem is being researched to find the limits of the design based upon technical possibilities and cost. While researching office user trials are being performed to verify that the system functions as intended. Upon joining the team investigated, submitted, and purchased two 3d printers (one fdm, one sla) for in-house product development.


  • Research and Development
  • Researching thermal transfer methods
  • Prototyping Concepts
  • Designing Mechanisms – Solidworks
  • Maintaining 3d printers
  • Working with Industrial Designers to refine product design
  • Exploring material choices for each subsystem
  • Investigating user ergonomics
  • Learning the ins and outs of medical device design
  • DFM and DFA in mind for designs without impeding early development


  • Successfully modularized the thermoelectric cooler assembly (fan, heatsink, thermoelectric cooler, heat transfer material, and encapsulation) to be integrated into multiple prototype units easily.
  • Built 3 fully functioning prototypes, the final engineering prototype was used in off-site user testing.
  • Built out in-house prototyping area w/ basic tools and two 3d printers (fdm / resin)

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