11/2018 – 05/2021

Responsible for the mechanical engineering and orchestration of the Auto-Charge project.  Collaborated with an interdepartmental team to accomplish the goal of automatically recharging automated guided vehicles.  Initially given a previously built proof of concept system, reevaluated all aspects of the system.  Defined safety, functional, and systems requirements.  Designed, prototyped, and iterated on both a stationary and a driven system design.  Conducted in-house tests to diagnose and mitigate any issues found in the system and documented issues and outcomes in bug tracker.  Coordinated with supply chain, manufacturing, and service teams to get units built and repaired.  Created documentation for product enablement, service, and application engineering for instructions, setup guides, marketing collateral, and troubleshooting information.  Accompanied first field install to guide implementation team on preparation, installation, fine tuning, and training for the system.


  • Ideating and Iterating mechanical designs
  • Working with cross functional team to build a working product
  • Coordinating with multiple internal and external teams to get the necessary components built
  • Sustaining engineering on previous projects for troubleshooting of past issues and improving for new ones
  • Operated as main point of general knowledge of the project


  • Concepted multiple approaches for an actuated approach to auto-charging
  • Designed and built first proof on concepts and prototypes
  • Coordinated with in-house testing team to implement chargers and upgrading a few of the current vehicles in the fleet
  • Participated in the first beta install at a customer site
  • Sucessfully learned that the initial passive system would not work with the amount of variables that occur outside of in-house testing
  • Designed and tested a actuated retrofit kit to be installed on first batch of units to address the new variables
  • Conducted on-site testing to prove out the updated system performed as expected
  • Started and released design for a version 2 system to address the issues seen in the first revision