Kids Picnic Table

This was a quick project to design and build a small picnic table for my sons second birthday party. We realized that we had nowhere for my kids and their friends to sit and eat during the party. This was designed and built in a few evenings and worked great for his party. It was based off of Anna White’s overall dimensions but modified to use on-hand materials and give it a more modern feel compared to a basic picnic table.

Custom Knife Giftbox

My dad had the same Buck knife for almost my entire life. Before he lost it, the main blade had be sharpened so many times, it was about half of the original size. Instead of giving him the knife by itself, I decided to build a custom walnut box to give it to him in. I designed this is Onshape, w/ hinges from Rockler woodworking, and cut it out using my Xcarve cnc router.