Meteorite Giftbox

This was built as a gift to my wife for her birthday. She is a big space nerd so I found a small meteorite and purchased it as a gift. While a piece of space is cool, it wasn’t very easy to find an impressive way to display it. I eventually found a vintage film box an designed the internals to build a scifi-esque stone containment box.

The box consisted of the vintage metal box, a piece of walnut plywood, a 3d printed cone and display platform, some hand bent aluminum bars, an rgb led ring, an arduino, two vibration motors, and a 9v battery.

Using a small switch in the rear, I turned the box on before handing it to her fully gift wrapped. This started the vibration motors gently vibrating in a sinusoidal hum. The rgb leds also started gently cycling through the spectrum as it could be felt physically vibrating.

It was featured on Hackday shortly after I submitted it. She loved it and it is still displayed on a shelf in our home.

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